Adobe Releases the First Public Preview of Edge

Adobe opens its Edge software for public preview as of today. The package has used HTML 5 as its new programming platform. Adobe has based all its programming on Flash so far and has become one of the few plug-INS that are downloaded by default to a user’s computer. It provides a great platform for gamers and other functions that include audio/video applications. In a short while, Adobe has gained universal prominence.

A number of major software and computer giants like Apple, Opera, Mozilla and Google have adopted advanced levels of web programming using HTML 5. The major web standards that are used in the web industry today are JAVA Script, which is a basic web apps programming language, HTML, which is used for defining web pages and CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is widely used to create animated effects. These standards are compatible to smart phones as well. The most popular smart gadgets like iPad and iPhone do not accept Flash programming. In such cases, these standards are highly useful.

Adobe has upgraded its functions to make Flash compatible with a higher number of gadgets, including iPad and iPhone. With the introduction of Edge, users and programmers have a higher capacity to create web pages that offer high compatibility for gaming, business apps and online videos in particular and all aspects of web page designing in general. While experts have accused Adobe of being outdated, the development of Egde will redeem its reputation. The product manager, Adobe Web Pro, Devin Fernandez said that the recent trends have tilted towards a richer HTML format. Works that used Flash previously are being performed with web standards.

Edge has many features that designers and users will find extremely appealing and useful. The major highlight of the software is ability to add sophisticated graphic and animation functions to web pages. The programming is carried out by JAVA script controlled CSS. New and enhanced versions of Edge will consist of a number of features that will enhance the images of web pages along with complex animations. The first complete version of Edge is expected to release in the market next year.

Fernandez said that in the release of first public preview, emphasis has been laid on animations. During the entire duration of public preview, new additions of functions and applications have been planned for Edge. User feedback and suggestions will also be incorporated in the final version.