Alkami Technology Announces Release of Next Gen Online Banking Solution

Online Relationship Builder

Alkami Technology, a leading provider of online banking solutions is ready to launch its next generation solution the Online Relationship Builder. The company will demonstrate the new integrated solution at the America’s Credit Union Conference 2011 to be held in San Antonio. The new platform is estimated to eliminate the gaps in the present solutions. The Online Relationship Builder will support retail, business, and mobile banking requirements in one platform.Features of the ORB

The company says that its new solution will enable users to encompass social media branding and strategic marketing techniques within the system. Users can access the regular requirements, such as account viewing, money transfers, and bill payments. In addition, users can access a vast amount of information with the ORB. The financial institutions that customize the solution to provide a wide range of features to provide users with an exceptional experience.

Compatible with numerous options

Often, banking and financial institutions faced problems with the portability of the banking solution. The new ORB eliminates any difficulties of being compatible with different browsers, operating systems, and the smart phones. Applications are changing daily and making a system that could integrate with the constantly changing apps was a daunting task, which Alkami Technology has been able to overcome in its new banking solution.

Personal financial management capabilities

The new ORB uses the standard browser that is used by the financial industry and does not require any further plug-ins or software downloads. The Online Relationship Builder platform incorporates the personal financial management and social media integration for a flawless and convenient experience to the users. Alkami Technology management said that the company is offering a single platform to meet all the requirements of the banking and financial institutions.

Content delivery engine

The Company’s next generation online banking solution has a built-in content delivery engine. This module enables the banks to monitor every user’s behavior, demographic breakdown, their personal preferences, and the complete relationship with the institutions. This assists the banks and financial institutions to provide strategic marketing tools to the users, which is profitable due to a higher conversion rate. The Company believes that its new online banking solution will provide an excellent experience to both the financial institutions and the users. A preliminary run on the technology has witnessed an overwhelming response and the Company is looking forward to the actual launch of the next gen Online Relationship Builder.