An apple A Day keeps the Rruck Running All Aay

If one are familiar with the term that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, this is different since apples needed to run a truck.  Ethanol created from apples used to run a truck.

Tim Bombaci, a teacher from Manson Middle School developed and tested his own way of creating ethanol from rotten apples.

With the help, of a washing machine and a wood splitter, Bombaci has produced his own ethanol to run his vehicle.

The first tank of gas that he produces cost him around $200 per gallon.  This is because he has to buy the equipment for making the ethanol.  Now that, he has completed his machines, he does not need to spend a dime on cretin his own gas to power his truck.  All he needs right now are free rotten apples, 2 cups of yeast and enough electricity to boil the extracted juice from apples.

One must be wondering how it all started.  Bombaci and his friends want to find out what could they do on those wasted apple around the orchard of Manson.  Apples can be seen anywhere people are not picking them that the fruit are slowly rotting.

After a long discussion with his friends, they came up with an idea of turning the rotten fruits into ethanol.

If they could create ethanol from rotten fruits, then they could find use for apple or any fruit culls.  This would make a market for apple orchard farms.  Many are just throwing it away since they find it of no use to them anymore.

Another reason for producing ethanol is that the price is much lower.  Not only they could cut cost they could also contribute to green cause since ethanol produces less carbon dioxide compared to gasoline.

Anyone could produce their own ethanol.  They could use a regular household machine like a washing machine to mash the fruits.  From then, they could extract the needed juice.

At first, he created it for a school project, but upon knowing that they are going to need a school distillery on their school, he back out of it.

If this technology would be developed, then people are going to save money while contributing to lessen the green house effect.  However, there is a downside on producing ethanol.  It needed a large farm, so it needed a large area.

The teacher noted that using fruit as a replacement for corn will solve the problem.  A large area would not be needed to produce ethanol anymore.