An Infrared Cam Can Steal Your ATM Pin

In the present time any of the hackers can easily catch your ATM pin numbers just by using a digital infrared camera and the matter of fact is you do not get any idea about it –according to a newly formed research.

This report has come in the lime light while a team of researchers from the University of California at San Diego or UCSD have described how any digital infrared camera can be used to recognize anyone’s ATM secret PIN numbers just after punch their ATM card to a ATM machine.

Through out their entire research they have found that by the residual heat of our fingertips behind the keypad of our ATM, a hacker can easily detect the digits of PIN of anyone’s ATM card.

Not only that, the team of researchers have also stated that this technique is even quiet being able to identified the number quiet successfully and near about 80 percent accurate way. So, while a person left the ATM after any transaction then the hackers easily get that data from that CAM just after moving it away from there.

The researchers have also stated that in this matter of retaining fingertip heat Plastic and rubber keypad are most prone, but they still left a mark.

With the sequence to the entire fact in a review a doctoral student in computer science of University of California at San Diego has stated “With a plastic keypad we can easily detect which buttons of ATM has pressed and which is not, but the main problem that we have to face at the time of determination is its sequential order.”

The entire research has been conducted by professor Sarah Meiklejohn and was published in an internet journal earlier this week.