An Integrated Display Dock for Apple Gadgets Now Available From NewPCgadgets

Users of iPhone and iPad can now dock their gadgets into a single docking base with the latest Display Dock, which has been announced by newPCgadgets. The new smart gadget accessories allow a greater level of ease and convenience in the use of smart gadgets. The docking facility also allows for a higher level of safety for the devices. Since the variations in gadgets provided by Apple are more and many customers have problems regarding the fragility of devices, the dock is expected to find a large acceptance among Apple customers.The product has been crafted using clear acrylic of a high quality. It is a transparent dock that is stylish and highly functional at the same time. The accessory consists of two docks that can hold iPhone and iPod, in addition to a broad base to place iPad tablets. While such a display was available for iPad, an integrated accessory that can house various devices such as tablets and phones was fast becoming the need of the hour.

Founder of newPCgadgets, Michael Schriner, said that the decision and design to produce such a dock base sprung from the high demand for display of Apple iPad 2. the visual appeal of the product has been massively appreciated. Data was collected from the survey conducted in several dozen Apple Stores in South California.

The new feature in the new accessory is its customer friendliness. It has been made into one shop stop for various gadget requirements. The dock houses slots for placing charging cables and headphones, besides placing the gadget. To make it easy to use, a finger slot has been provided and makes it easy for the user to lift their iPads off the dock. The other useful features in the accessories in the Display Dock are provision of bracket supports, which allow users to use their gadget by letting the gadget remain in display and a scratch proof surface.

The Display Dock is available in a couple of variations. Consumers can either choose to purchase a dock with or without dual ports. The dimensions are 10”W x 1.25H x 9.25D. The dimensions and weight, which is 2lbs are same for both the versions. Users will have to purchase additional cables as the dock is not accompanied by cables. An accessory that allows users to store all Apple gadgets on a single base will undoubtedly be a very useful one. It will be available from prices ranging between $69.95 and $74.95.