A&N Media implements Office 365 cloud service

A&N Media adopted Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service for their daily email needs.

Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service facilitates the use of cloud-based access to the Microsoft Office suite, collaboration tools SharePoint and Lync, and email tool Exchange.

A&N Media CIO David Henderson claimed that the operation shall permit the team to become more productive than they were before, even if they are out of the office.

Mark Laws, head of application services at A&N Media, noted that the service’s flexibility was vital for the deal.

On a recent interview with Computing.co.uk, Law said that cloud is use to lessen the time needed for building and running one’s infrastructure, from merely adding users and series when they needed. It is a pay-as-you-go model.

The company wants to implement the technology in its entire organization by 2015.  Hopefully, by that time they have already dispensed the technology with their own servers and data center.  It could also present a “bring your own” (BYO) model for all endpoint technologies, which could open the door for most employees on using their personal devices whenever they are trying to access corporate services.

There are other companies that are not using the said cloud service.  These corporate fears the lost of their own corporate data while moving the corporate servers and moves into those owned by a third party that other users are using, as well.

However, Laws does not believe that such breach of security could happen to them.  The latter is not concerned about security, since it is an excellent opportunity to get away from building one’s own servers and at the same time also true-cloud services.

In Laws belief, there are more cloud vendor who knows more about security compared to companies. This is the reason why they are in positioned so that they could help protect corporate data.

Right now, they are seeing that several companies are putting their trust in the cloud service.  It is a fact that some of those cloud providers knows more than some companies when it comes to security.  A good example would be the recent hacking of Amazon since it does not frequently happened.

Whenever an employer permits its employees to use their own personal device, many would also install partitions.  Part of the machine used to access the corporate network could not be access if they do this access.  It is a terrific way to stay away from any malicious programs that any of their employees downloaded on purpose.