Android 1.0.7 Gets Google+ Updates With Many Attractive Features

Google has released an update for Android 1.0.7. The update will be applicable for all advanced Android versions beginning from android 2.3. Some of the most attractive features of the update are the Hangout and messenger by name Huddle. The messenger service is also available with several new enhancements. SD card support is also available. Users can join hangouts through the mobile app by accessing he active hangout in the user’s respective stream. Profile photos can be set through the app as well. Since most of the smart phones have touch screen feature, tapping the profile image and choosing edit from the list of options, will make it possible to change the picture. The interface is extremely easy and convenient.

It is also possible for users to share the image through the Messenger service. Video playback feature in enhanced as well In addition, Google search has optimized people search option in the update and it is now easier to look up people from different parts of the world. The push notification settings are provided with more options and users can set posts, photos and mentions more easily and in an enhanced manner. The app can be moved to the SD card. The special features of Google+ such as reliability are available with the update. Google+ service has made stringent arrangements to remove all faulty and fraudulent identities from the list. A short while ago, a new check system was launched. This program checks the authenticity of the account holder information and verified accounts will sport a tiny check mark, which will be an indication that the account is authentic.

Users can receive notifications on other phones and can answer to group SMSes more confidently and easily. All that the user has to do is check the phone number from Google+ list and be assured for authenticity. All users of Android who have Android 2.1 or higher versions installed in their phones a download his app from the Android market. As of now, Google plus is available for free downloads. However, the app has been made available for android platform only. The app, as of now, is not available for iPhone iOS operating system. It is expected to be available soon. The platform can be highly multi-functional and reliable when compared to other messaging services. With all the attractive features and functions, Google+ can be one of the most comprehensive and useful social networking app.