Android 4.0’s Face Unlock Can Be Tricked By User’s Photo

Every single person, who is interested in the latest changes and updates in the tech world is aware of the new Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” and its features. Among many of its outstanding features one is the Face Unlock feature, which may also be described as its signature feature. With this feature the users will be able to unlock their mobile handsets through Facial Recognition. In that case they will not have to use their PIN code numbers or security codes. Without using these codes the users will be able to unlock their phones by just holding it in front of their face. Once the phones’ Face Unlock Systems recognize their faces it will be unlocked easily. The users only have to pre register their faces in their Android 4.0 Supported mobile handsets.

However, the feature of Android 4.0 raised many doubts, when in the Ice Cream Sandwich keynote address Mr. Matias Duarte, who is the Head of the user experience department of Google had to almost wrestle with his Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile phone to unlock it. Due to low background light his Android 4.0 supported mobile phone did not recognize his face, which was pre registered. Although it has been assured at the company’s side that the feature is still in its infancy and the company will be working hard to make it flawless. But, at the same time some of the representatives of Google are also afraid that the phone can possibly be unlocked by just placing the photo of its user in front of it.

For that technology behind the feature Google acquired a startup company named PittPatt at the beginning of the year. In the technology they used tools for searching images of faces, matching the face with the pre registered one, tracking faces in video sequence and pinpoint constituent landmarks in faces.