Android – Emerging With New Gaming Features

It can be said that we are running in the age of apps. Apps have opened new doors and ways in the history of mobile using. Every person in today’s world – be a businessman or a teenage casual mobile user is in constant search of helpful and appropriate apps for his or her.

Among people especially among teenagers the most popular apps to download are various kinds of GAMES. Till now iPhone has been considered as the best gaming provider among all the smart phones mostly because of its gigantic gaming library, including exclusive titles from Indie and other branded publishers. But with the latest mobile line ups that are providing Google’s open – source Android Operating System is emerging very first and smoothly to challenge iPhone’s gaming popularity. iPhone is going to face a hard time soon especially because of the mobile handsets supporting the latest version of Android the Ice Cream Sandwich.

The first tablet version of Android the 3.0 Honeycomb was supportive for USB controllers, while the Ice Cream Sandwich version, which is the latest version of Android is designed with the official support for game controllers and additionally resources for game developers to add gamepad support to their titles.

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play Smart phones and the Sony’s Tablet S both offers the Play Station Suite of Sony that allows access to some of the Play Station Network’s features of buying selected PSOne games.

In the 2.3 version of Android or the Gingerbread Google has incorporated the improved Native Development Kit, which enable game developers to build up more and more high performance titles that are able to reach the system features directly without going through Android’s Dalvik virtual machine.

Moreover the gaming service called OnLive is going to allow Android to run their games in HTC Flyer tablets. In short it can be said that users are going to witness a revolution in the world of mobile gaming with Android.