Android Makes Face Recognition Possible

The developers of Android have come up with a face recognition feature in their system, which is called Visidon AppLock. The major drawback of smart phones has been security concerns. Many users feel it is too complicated to lock their smart phones using the existing system. In order to combat this, Android has developed an app that will recognize your face, lock, and unlock accordingly. With the introduction of this security system, android mobiles will become more user-friendly and secure. Although there is a fingerprint recognizer feature in the phone, a face recognizer is going to be a tougher security measure. Visidon is set to change the future of phone security systems.

Limitations of Visidon AppLock

However, several aspects about the feature are still to be perfected. One of the major limitations of the app is the necessity to have a front facing camera. Further, the app does not provide wholesome protection to the phone. It only covers a few apps. Although these features will be available in the future, for now, the beta version users will have to put up with the limited security settings. However, updates are expected to be released and then users will be able to upgrade their versions. Customers who are already using the app have registered complaints about the efficiency. The app, although not completely efficient, is still a path breaker in the new technology.

Advantages of Visidon AppLock

Despite not being very efficient now, the app consists of many features that users are finding useful and admirable. Users have the freedom to choose the level and security they want for their phone. Highest levels of security will mean better scrutiny of facial features. Along with the Visidon app, users can use passwords for added security. Passwords are also meant for times when face recognition fails to work efficiently. With the onset of face recognition in phones, the next best thing is supposed to be a retina scan or a swiping system.

Android set to carve the future

Android has been on the forefront of providing high-level apps and devices to customers. With the launch of this new app, security features are definitely hitched a couple of notches. Further, the app is free, which means that if a user has an android mobile and a front facing camera, then the app is all his to use. However, those users who do not have a front facing camera will probably have to wait for some time more.