Android Malware Increased By 76 Percent

A well known source of McAfee has said that recently new threats against Android cell phones have increased by 76 percent within recent few weeks.

Before stating this earlier this company McAfee has claimed that in the present time Android has become the fastest growing vector for mobile malware – due to the popularity of Google Mobile Operating System – in short it has become the more attracting thing to attackers.

With the sequence to the entire fact the quarterly thread report of McAfee has stated “Within this quarter Android cell phone has reached at the top of the malware attack, followed by J2ME (Java To Micro Edition), which has recently moved towards second position in the chart of attacks. So, we must have to accept that the increase in thread by lips and bounds in such a popular platform abide us to think about our evaluation power on mobile devices.”

According to the report the writers of these treads have learnt a lot about the structure of this operating system – which on the other hand the main reason behind the increasing of malware thread attacks. Though, before that they have used the same method on their PCs.

The authority of McAfee has said “As soon as we have looked at the coding of these mobile malware scripts, we have found that many similar function and codebase have used in the same pattern like the earlier PC based thread.”

They have said “If we do not take this matter on a serious way then in near future it may tend its users towards an increasing target for cybercriminals – by affecting everything like calendar applications, comedy applications, SMS message, fake Angry Birds updates and many more towards bad.”