Android Updated With Google Docs Version 1.0.16

Google has updated the Google docs feature in Android. The new version is Google docs v1.0.16 and it houses a number of new features, the major of them being web clipboard. With this app, it has become very easy to add images to Google docs. With this app, users can click pictures with their camera enabled smart phone and directly put the image in Google docs. The other important addition that has been made in the new version is inclusion of more languages. The languages in Google docs app have been upgraded to forty six.The app also allows for a lot of flexibility in usage. Users can access their images from any Google docs file. Images can be included in any file by opening a file, selecting the web clipboard feature and selecting the item to be pasted into the doc. Further, docs can also be opened with any app that is compatible.

The documents, attached with images, can be sent through email and can also be shared. Users can also use the MMS facility to send the image affixed docs. With the inclusion of more languages, the total now reading, forty six, a lot more people from all over the world will be able to access the platform and enjoy the benefits. The app is available freely and can be downloaded from android store. The app will be compatible with Android 2.0 and higher versions. Users will find it much easier to share images on Google.

While Google is making all efforts to provide better features and more useful apps in android, the sales of the company have increased by 7% in the previous month. The other major news regarding Android is that the court in Netherlands ruled the infringement lawsuit in favor of Apple and said that certain features have been copied from iPad. While the ban has been lifted in all other parts of Europe, this ruling by the Netherlands judge has brought a ban on sale of Galaxy S series in Netherlands. However, Samsung, which uses Android in all its Galaxy series devices has said that out of the total nine points that were mentioned in the case, nine of them have been dismissed. Samsung also said that the sale of Samsung Android devices will not be affected by this ruling. As of now, Samsung is ruling in the second position in the list of most sold products. Apple tops the list. Samsung is followed by HTC and LG.