Anonymous and LulzSec members’ exposed

The hacktivist group known as Anonymous has hacked to more than 100 Turkish government accounts recently.  However, their rival hackers reveal some of their members online.

Anonymous already distributed around 20 mb files of information on PirateBay.  Most of the file contains numerous details about Turkish government sites.  The hacktivist does such thing as part of a plot to take down Turkish websites.

The majority of websites comes from hospital and medical facilities owned by the Turkish government.  Some of the websites are already down while a few remain still.  Anonymous claims that they have blocked the admins from government servers, which explains, why some of them cannot be taken offline.

Although, Anonymous aims at taking down government websites, they do not like the idea of taking down school websites.  As evidence, they criticized another group of hackers who has hacked in the US county K12 School, in Washington State, the hacker or hacker exposed the necessary details of people running the school.  Anonymous says that this is not the way of Anti-Security group.

Anonymous members may smile now, but that smile will not last long as other group of hackers is closing in on them to revealing their identity.  The group Team Poison has revealed some of the embers of Anonymous and Lulzsec.

According to their site, the first member’s name is Suliaman or Solomon Saleh from London, calls himself as tflow and a member of Lulzsec.  Aside from his full address and telephone number, the site also listed his accounts on Facebook, Foursquare, Vimeo and email.

Daniel Ackerman Sandberg from Sweden is another Lulzsec member, who goes by the name of topiary. His account on some networking and social sites also revealed.

Lulzsec member, Hector Xavier Montsegur, a guy who hails from New York, and calls himself Sabu.  Some vital information about him can be seen on the site.

The founder of AnonOPS, Jasper Lingers was also mentioned in the site, known as power2all online.  His complete address, phone number, web sites, email addresses, Youtube and Soundcloud accountsalso posted.

Sven Slootweg, a guy hailing from Holland, uses the code name JoePie91 and is  a member of both Lulzsec and Anonymous.  Like all the others, his important details were also revealed.

Aside from posting the members of Lulzsec and Anonymous, Team Poison also hacked the AnonOPS IRC chat server as a response to the LulzSec member has said in his Twitter account.  The hacked of the chat server lead to gaining access to user names and encrypted passwords for power2all, JoePie91, blergh, owen, jaychow, shitstorm, Isis, Riotday, evilworks, Cody and sharpie.