Another iPhone Prototype Lost At Cava 22

iPhone giant Apple is now once again in the lime light, though this time not for launching any tab or iPhone, but this time lost of their iPhone prototype. The entire thing eventually happened while an employee of Apple has lost his iPhone prototype for the second time at the late of earlier month from Cava 22 – a bar situated in San Francisco’s Mission district – according to the CNET report.

The report has also stated this iPhone giant was given this phone to this employee for diagnosing about its security for launching a full-scale search-and-recover operation, which they have planned to launch few days after.

But an internal resource has stated that the phone which was taken from the bar was sold on Craigslist just for $200. Also, at that same time the police of San Fransisco were stated that this device was not valuable at all, but they were desperate to have it.

Though later this iPhone giant has been able to trace this said device, which as they said was at Bernal Heights neighborhood home, but the matter of jock is that a man from that home claimed that he didn’t know anything about this phone, which was recovered from his home. But the evidence of San Francisco police is saying that at that night he was also at that said bar. But still it is not clear to us which version of iOS that cell phone contained and how this device was looked like.

With the sequence to the above fact CNET has said “In this regard we have not heard anything from Apple, but according to a source of San Francisco police – Apple have not filed any report in this matter.”