Another Lawsuit Between Samsung and Apple

Sometimes ago the giant South-Korean technology company Samsung claimed that the Apple iPhone and the iPad 2 devices, which were sold in Australia violated the patent rules regarding the 3G wireless communications.

Samsung has own a trial over the case. The two tech giants, Samsung and Apple, are fighting feverishly in different countries over patent violation. For a long period of time both the companies are accusing each other of coping each other’s patents. Now that has become a battle.

At the Australian Federal Court in Sydney justice Annabelle Bennett stated that the case would start in next year in the month of March. The case will continue for three weeks. Annabelle Bennett has allowed Apple to continue to sale the iPhone 4S in Australia until the case starts and a solution comes out.

Although Apple’s lawyers wanted the case to start on August justice Bennett thought that it would make the situation harder for Samsung, so she did not allow any further date. She also mentioned that there would be a strong connection between the new case and the previous cases between Apple and Samsung. According to her the new case might come out almost as a repetition of the former cases.

Samsung lawyer Neil Young assured that until April Samsung would stay away from engaging into any patent claim from Apple to continue a normal relationship with Apple. He mentioned that although other firms have license from Samsung Apple does not have any. But he did not mention the names of those firms.

In recent past Apple appealed to court for an order to stop the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Court responded in Apple’s favor. On the other hand, Samsung in the end of last October let down Apple in smartphone manufacturing by sailing 27.8 million handsets.