Another Low-Cost Android Tablet In The Market

The slew of cheap tablets using Android as their operating system continues. The latest to join the race is MSI Windpad Enjoy. It has been priced at $199. Two cheap android tablets were announced to be released on the 31st of May, one being Windpad Enjoy 7 and the other being Windpad Enjoy 10. Windpad Enjoy 7 was seen in FCC recently. It was made known that the gadgets will be available in the market at the earliest and true to this promise, the tablets have been brought out pretty early from their announce date. Both the tablets are decently powered. Enjoy 7 has a single core processor of 1.2 GHz. In addition, the device sports several other desirable features such as microSD card slots, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi connectivity and two cameras on the front and back. Both the cameras are 2 mega pixel cameras. The tablet also has a 512 MB RAM and 4GB memory which can be extended. Many of these features are found in the mid-range tablets as well. Incorporation of these features into a low range tablet will surely perk the interests of consumers. Being equipped from Android, the tablet will be reliable and trusted by users.

The touch screen tablet, which has a seven inch screen and a resolution of 800×480 is the other phone. While most of the features of the two remain the same, certain changes have been made in Windpad Enjoy 10. Windpad Enjoy 7 weighs 395gms. The battery life is 6 hours. In appearance, the device is very attractive, being slim and sleek. The back side is a metallic and the device has a high gloss finish. Enjoy 10 has a longer battery life and there is a change in the screen size as well.

Despite the attractive features of the tablet released by MSI, experts are not too certain about its situation in the market. The devices have been released at the same time as that by Lenovo, which released its low range tablet in the same week. The Lenovo tablet also runs on Android operating system and is priced similarly at $199. According to experts, Lenovo is likely to take a step ahead of MSI devices. The hold of Lenovo on the North American market is also much higher than that of MSI. Nevertheless, the huge customer base that has been waiting for low-range tablets will have a filed day. Experts also opine that MSI will probably bring down the cost of Windpad Enjoy tablets depending on the market situation.