Another Sony Web Site Is Under Hack

The brand of Sony has now apparently fallen for pray to yet another hacking attack with in which their personal information near about more than a lacks users of its Web Site “” has been compromised.

Which is according to the opinion of a hacking group LuizSec, because they already claims that they already obtained those passwords, home address, email address and all the additional Sony opt-in data which are associated along with those accounts.

This news has came just shortly after the company of Sony confirmed for the restoration of their PSN or PlayStation Network, after a hacking attack which already led towards a millions of user’s personal details are being compromised.

LuizSec also insists that they made the last attack in order to highlight the firm’s lax security also to point out that it was done just by using a run of the mill SQL injection.Sony

Now our goal is here just to come across like a master hackers, though we are not about to reveal for SonyPictures which was already owned by a very simple SQL injection, which is one of the most common as well as primitive vulnerabilities which we all should know by now. This was mentioned in the blog by the said hacking group.

They also added in their writing ”Just we a single injection we got the right for easily accessed EVEWRYTHING, So why are you put such faith with such a company that allows themselves to open to these simple kinds of attacks?”.

LuizSec also claims that all of those data that they obtained was an encrypted form; additionally the user or customer passwords were kept in the plain text.