AntiSec’s New Victim – Apple Inc Server

A few weeks ago a story was in the lime light regarding the online “hacktivist” group Anonymous and members from the Lulz Security joined together under the name of AntiSec operation, those main focuses were anti-security. But unfortunately in the mean time they have declared a new war against the existing government and giant corporations in the name of the public god, in spite of that if you agree or not with their ways. So, now a day this group is too much busy by heating several companies including Arizona Department of Public Safety, but now their latest target – Apple Inc.

To fulfilling this fact the group members of AntiSec already posted a message in Twitter, which stated that they already got the access the private data from the Apple Server. And for bounding their word tightly in front of the people they also posted the existing user names and passwords of 27 root and admin accounts, which they taken from the Apple user table’s MySQL database. This breached server is generally used by the Cupertino giant in order to conduct tech support for follow-up surveys. Though, the earlier reports are saying that they had not yet compromised any customer data.

But, the main fact is that the group had proved earlier that Apple could be their target too. Tough, you need not to be worry, because just after the post on the Twitter some major steps have already taken by the concerning authorities. Moreover, in this purpose 9to5Mac Notes are stating that previous postings have claimed a more serious threat on iCloud, though this kinds of claimed have not yet been verified.