App for finding Local Events

People used to the fact that to check read a newspaper or social network, so they should find some new event that is within their vicinity. Now, with the help of a new app, the hard work taken out from finding an event.

Called Roamz, the app collects data from social networks in the vicinity of a location so that the app could provide information regarding the happening at venues in the area.

According to Roamz founder and CEO Jonathan Barouch, the explosion of social content on social networks including Twitter does thoroughly address the problem.

It is like a person is walking down the road in Sydney and there’s a noodle market going on in Hyde Park. The said person would find out about the noodle market with the help of the App. Without any help coming from the App, the person would need to get the information from a person he knows in Twitter or Foursquare.

The app collects public data from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram regarding a location into a feed tailored to a user’s interests, chosen from ten categories that range from the child or pet friendly activities, to restaurants, attractions, shopping and nightlife.

Barouch explains that their vision was to filter through those millions of posts and pieces of content and work out the signals relevant to the user at the time they are applicable.

Though the use, of artificial intelligence the app gets smarter as it learns more about venues and the types of content uploaded or frequently viewed by the users. The app then uses the information gathered in refining the data presented.

Launched at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco last week, the app has already obtained 8000 downloads. However, there are still curves that need to be straightened.

The company plans in increasing the amount of content that can be presented to its users, which is currently light in some areas. While a heavily populated area, which includes Manhattan, have content from hours or even minutes ago, other cities like Perth in Australia be likely to have less recent content.

He added that content gets filtered out conservatively so that they could ensure that data in the app related to the needs of the users. The company also has plans in improving the intelligence of the app.

The startup, in Sydney, Australia eventually plans in enabling users to purchase and redeem tickets for an event found on Roamz within the app.