Apple Apps Sell in Billions, Pay In Billions

More than 15 billion apps downloaded from Apple Stores

Apple has released a report specifying an important milestone in its smart phone business. User downloads has reached a whooping 15 billion. Apple app stores offer over 425,000 apps. Maximum downloaded apps are those related to gaming. The other most frequent downloads are entertainment apps, social networking apps, mapping and navigation apps and productivity apps.

App developers paid over $2.5 billion

Another important milestone in the history of Apple apps has been released in the report. While 15 million apps have been downloaded, app developers have been paid $2.5 billion so far. These statistics have been released taking into account the past three years. Phillip Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing said that Apple has grown into the biggest software development industry of the world. It has been extremely beneficial to independent app developers who have been able to develop their businesses along with Apple. Schiller also said that this kind of growth has never been witnessed in the history of the world.

The growth of Apple app store

In the past three years, Apple app store ahs grown exponentially. Ever since the app store was launched in 2008, the store has expanded to 90 countries. Among the 425,000 apps available in the store, 100,000 are for iPads. The sale figures of Apple gadgets have risen to a staggering numbers. Further, 200 million gadgets using Apple mobile operating system, iOS, are in use all over the world.

Apple app store was a path breaking initiation

When the Apple app store was launched in 2008, it was a virgin innovation. Never had any smart phone manufacturer launched a store dedicated exclusively to apps. Despite the fact Apple is very much guarded in accepting apps developed by individual developers, the number of apps has grown tremendously. Android mobiles, on the other hand, are more open and do not put the apps through rigorous screening processes before accepting them.

Competition high among app stores now

After Apple made the first break through with the launch of app stores, several companies including RIM Blackberry and Android apps came into picture. The competition is high among the different companies and each of them houses hundreds of thousands of apps. Nevertheless, Apple has a special place in the app market and is regarded as the best store. New apps are added every day after thorough scrutiny. The landmark achieved by Apple both in terms of number of downloads and the amount paid to the developers is highly significant and admirable.