Apple Decided To Move Away ARM Soc Production From Samsung

The numerous sources inside the industry sated that Apple’s increasingly tenuous relationship with the company Samsung as a parts supplier for their mobile devices could be end next year. Because, they are now planning to trap contract with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in order to build up its next generation ARM SoCs sometimes in 2012.

The rumors of a partnership between the company Apple and TSMC had spread at the beginning of 2011, due to Apple’s introduction of the iPad2 and its A5 processor. Though, after that this rumor had strengthened by the various sources for EE Times, which stated that Apple was already working with TSMC in order to move its mobile processors for the 28mm foundry’s process. There after Apple had also reviled that the manufacturing partner Samsung was still producing A5 processors for the next generation Apple product like its A4 processors that was used earlier for iPhone 4 and original iPad.

But all of that happened before launching Apple’s massive attack against Samsung due to allegedly copying design and look of Apple’s iPhone and iPad for its own Galaxy Tab tablets and Galaxy S Smartphone. It was happened at a time while Apple continued to source components from Samsung for it’s under construct mobile device which they signed more than a year ago. Moreover, apple presented a large number of evidence which directly stated that Samsung was starting to copy some of the secret formula which made their product iPhone and iPad so successful. So, Apple is very likely changing their production to a non-competitor for its strategic business.