Apple Fell Behind Samsung In Global Smartphone Sale

In the constant competition of ruling the market of mobile selling Samsung placed itself in the top by overtaking Apple in the third quarter of the year 2011 more specifically from July to September. According to the estimation of Strategy Analytics has sold 10 million more mobile handsets than Apple at that quarter of the year. There has been a long term tag of war going on between the two giant mobile manufacturing companies and no doubt that selling record of Samsung will definitely add fuel to the fire.

The immediate reason of Apple’s falling behind is that there was no new handset to offer at the Apple’s side and customers had to wait a long for the latest release the iPhone 4S. These affected their market and as a result Apple was able of selling only 17.1 million devices while the South Korean company Samsung sold 27.8 million smartphones all over the world. Samsung occupied the massive 23.8 percent market of smartphone selling while Apple shared only 14.6 percent of the market.

Among other mobile manufacturing companies Nokia secured the third position by selling 16.8 million, which is very close to Apple. The Finnish mobile manufacturing company achieved 14.4 percent share of the smartphone market although that record is showing the statistics of the time when Nokia’s latest windows phone Lumia 800 was not released. The fourth, fifth and sixth position was secured by HTC, LG and Motorola respectively. They sold 55.3 million smartphones in total.

Not just in the case of smartphones but in case of feature phones Apple also fell behind in selling records. Nokia ranked in the top with 27 percent share of the market. Samsung followed Nokia with the hold on 22.6 percent of share while LG came in the third position with 5.4 percent share. The Chinese manufacturing company ZTE achieved 4.7 percent of share, overtaking Apple which achieved only 4.4 percent of share.

It is expected that in the fourth quarter Apple with its iPhone 4S will surely change the statistic but we should also keep in mind that they has brought only one handset in this year while Samsung has brought many handsets along with the Galaxy S II.