Apple Has Stopped Releasing Of Samsung Tablet In Australia

In the present time the legal team of Apple is too much busy in order to find out what they exactly deem to be patent infringements from the rival smartphone as well as tablet manufactures all across the globe.

But this time Cupertino has banded the releasing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia by basing on a legal dispute.

In this matter Bloomberg’s report has stated that Apple has claimed for the patents of Galaxy Tab 10.1 violates, which are not less than 10, aside from that it has too much similarity with iPad. So, it is a specific patent which claims by basing on the touchscreen and “look and feel” technology.

Though, Samsung have claimed that the Australian edition of their flagship tablet is much more different from the US version, they have also stated that they can even send their three models to the Apple’s legal team for evaluation, but they want to get that report before 7 days of the date of its release.

So, the matter of fact is that Samsung has to postpone the sales of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 until they will get court approval. But the burning questions at this moment are coming out will Samsung win the battle? Will Apple responsible for paying an unspecified amount of damages?

In a sentence this is the latest edition of the Apple vs. Samsung legal saga, which in general has been unfolding for several months including many countries. Because at the earlier half of this year Apple sued Samsung in California for the Galaxy phones and tablets. But later this has also happened.

Though, the justice of the Federal Court Annabelle Bennett has declared to follow up its hearing on August 29. But additionally he also stated if they will not provide any agreements then this trial date will be postponed.