Apple’s Injunction Does Not Affect the Popularity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple cried foul about the explosively popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet saying that the elements of design were copied from iPad. While the patent war between the world majors in handsets and tablets is on in its full swing, this move by Apple was seen as many as a sign of insecurity since Samsung showed a stunning growth of a stunning 365% in the second quarter of this year alone. Apple had the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 brought under the scanner and had the court impose a blanket ban on selling the device anywhere in Europe other than the Netherlands. This week, however, the ban was lifted and the device was made available for sale until the appeal by Samsung which is to take place next week. 

However, the ban on Galaxy has not affected the popularity of the device. Instead, the popularity seems to have increased. According to latest reports, Samsung, which uses Android for its devices is riding on a wave of success and is considered the strongest competitor for Apple. In the light of the fact that Google has now acquired the phone manufacturer Motorola and is definitely going to bring out its own brand of Android powered handsets, Apple gadgets will have to be more than special to maintain a hold of their existing market. As per latest reports, the continual postponement of iPhone 5 can hurt the customer base of Apple because there is still no official announcement about the phone from the manufacturer.

Experts opine that Samsung Galaxy is the only tablet in the market that has the potential to challenge the superiority of Apple gadgets. That and the fact that Samsung is bringing out new devices at regular intervals is keeping the interests of the customer base alive and the customer base of the company is continuously expanding. Galaxy is slimmer, better looking and at least equally powerful as Apple iPad. According to experts, the only possible reason why Galaxy could not beat the sales of Apple was because of the brand value that Apple enjoys and the fact that Apple released its tablet earlier. Nevertheless, the recent ban on Galaxy in Europe seems to be more out of spite or out of insecurity rather than the alleged reason that the design is copied. Looking at both the gadgets closely, there are a lot of differences in the devices and Apple’s accusation may not hold much water.