Apple Ipad 3 To Have Lighter, Thinner And Safer Battery

The latest news about the inclusion of a better battery in Apple devices will come as a relief for all those Apple users who were highly disappointed with the low quality battery. Ever since the first gadget was released, battery has been a major problem with the company. The life has been exceptionally low and with the internet activated, the durability falls further down. As a rectification for the problem, Apple has announced a tie up with international technology company, Dynapack and Simplo. With this partnership, Apple will ensure a safer, lighter and thinner battery. The battery will be included in the upcoming iPad3. Apple has announced that the battery will be used not only for the tablets but also for the series of MacBook laptops.

The third generation tablet from the house of Apple, the iPad 3, is on the verge of release. While anticipations are high about the device, battery is one of the major considerations. The latest announcement has come as a pleasant new for all those who have been looking forward for a device from Apple without the drawback of weak battery life. According to reports, the battery will have a longer life when compared to iPad2.

The report that was released mentioned that the new battery will be in accordance with CTIA IEE 1625 regulations. The quality has been promised to be high and reliable. The report also revealed that the batteries are in production phase and will be installed in iPad 3. The device has been scheduled for release in the beginning of next year.

The delay in the release of iPad3 is also being attributed to the testing of this series of batteries. This batter is expected to cost more than the existing ones by 20% to 30%. Whether the impending iPhone 5 will also be equipped with the same battery is a matter that has not been spoken about. However, there have been a lot of rumors about the delay in the release of the device due to a battery issue.

Retina display is another matter that is being discussed. Samsung electronics, Sharp and LG display are the three companies that are to supply the retina display screen to Apple for its iPad. The other developments that are in line in the Apple arena are A6 ARM-based processor, which will be incorporated with 28 nanometer processor from TSMC’s and 3D stacking technology. Considering all these developments, iPad3 will definitely be a gadget to look out for.