Apple iPads To Hit the 30 Million Mark In 2011

IPads to sell thirty million units by the end of 2011

Apple iPads are likely to hit the thirty million marks in sales. The shipment of the device is expected to be thirty million. Needham and Company released this estimate. The estimate is based on the sales figures of iPad 2 ever since it was launched in the market. With the impending launch of iPad 3, sales are predicted to hit the roof. Although Charlie Wolf has predicted the device to sell 7.5 million units, he now said that the actual figures are indicative of the 9 million mark.

Apple iPad sales increase expectations

Wolf said that the release of so many other tablets does not seem to have made any serious impact on the sale of iPads. The sales of iPad are still on the rise. He continued that the other tablets have been unable to match the price and features of the iPad. The number of applications in Apple iPad is also a lot higher than those provided in the other tablets. He also suggested that any problem in the sales of the iPad would on the side of the manufacturer and not on the demand. Manufacturers have to be able to match up to the demand. In the entire year of 2011, iPad sales are expected to hit seventeen million.

Apple profits to increase in the coming year

However, in the light of the impending release of iPad 3, Apple might cut down on the sale of iPads. According to Wolf, the estimate would be brought down to sixteen million from the earlier estimate of 17.5 million. For the third quarter, Needham and Company have increased their estimate to $25.4 billion from the aforementioned $23.5 billion. The increase per share will be $25 and the overall profits for 2011 are expected to rest at $103.6 million. However, for the upcoming year 2012, Apple is expected to meet the $130 billion.

Ever since iPad 3 has been announced, rumour mills are running in the over drive, more so because iPad 3 is being launched just a few months after iPad 2. Speculations regarding the sales and strategies of the company were rife. The release date of iPad 3 is not yet made public. Customers are also expecting a 4G model, although it seems like Apple is going to settle for a 3GPP network, as revealed by the hacker team LulzSec.