Apple’s iPhone 5 prototype mislaid in a San Francisco bar

It was reported that apple lost a prototype of an unreleased iPhone after it was misplaced in the bar. It was in late July where it was lost in a Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco. Although what happened to the phone later is not clear but it is reported that it was sold $200 on an auction site Craigslist.

Apple has not announced publicly the release of new phones but it is estimated that iPhone 5 may be launched in early October. There is no informant on how the phone looked and about the version of apple iOS it was running. According to the owner of the bar, police and not even Apple tried to contact him regarding the investigation. He said but he had been receiving some calls since one month from a man asking about his lost iPhone. He added he thinks to make the drinks little less strong henceforth.
iPhone 5 Prototype

This was not the first time that prototype of iPhone was mislaid, similar incident took place last year with iPhone 4 when its pre-release version was bought by gadget blog after being lost in a bar. This had happened second time and this time also it was mislaid by an Apple worker in bar. Both Apple and Craigslist are refusing to give their comments on this very news. However there are reports that few days after the device was lost, a team of Apple contacted San Francisco police saying that the device is priceless.

It is supposed that Apple by some electronic media traced the device to a family home in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood and when police and team of Apple visited the place, there was a man of twenties. He admitted his presence in the bar that night but straightaway refused of knowing anything about the iPhone. Even the search of his house found nothing. Infact Apple offered him the money but the man refused to return the device saying he knows nothing of it.

If this news of the prototype mislaid for the second time true, this is definitely embarrassing for Apple as this is not the first time it is happening.  This has become the hot topic among those who know this and for news reporters this is really a good piece of news. Well, anyways, everyone is waiting eagerly to see it if as soon as it appears on the web anytime.