Apple is Anticipated to Introduce a New IPhone this week

People anticipate Apple to introduce a new Smartphone this week.  It has been one year since the revelations of IPhone 4.

Last week, Apple Inc. sent an invitation through an email to a media event at its headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday morning. The invite say that they want to talk about iPhone.  It implies the normally enigmatic company intention in showing off the latest version of the device.  At one time, Apple has launched a new iPhone during the summer, but this year Apple anticipating in holding off the new iPhone until fall.

It had been 15 months from the time when Apple began selling the iPhone 4 last June. The first iPhone got introduced in 2007, and the phone’s signature professional looks, high-resolution screen and perceptive software made it very popular from the beginning.  In addition to adding  millions of fans over the years — 39 million iPhones got sold from January to the end of June, the iPhone and its large App Store had generated fierce opposition from smartphone makers, including those using Google Inc.’s Android software that got first rolled out in 2008.

By Tuesday, the revelation of the new iPhone expected to come up with some new changes.  People believe that the software (iOS 5) would be the biggest change that will take place in the smartphone.

IOS 5 is going to include wireless device setup and content synching and beefed-up camera, e-mail and Web browsing apps. A new service called iMessage is going to allow iOS 5 users in sending text messages to one another over Wi-Fi or wireless carriers’ data networks, while a folder called Newsstand is going to round up newspaper and magazine app subscriptions in one place so that it wold be easier to find them.  After it comes out, the software is going to be open for Apple’s iPad, iPhone 4 and 3GS and the two latest generations of the iPod Touch.

There is also a probability that a new iPhone is coming out together with an iCloud service, which is going to store content that includes music, documents, apps and photos on Apple’s servers and allow you to access them wirelessly on several devices.

As for hardware, no one believes that it would look fare from the previous version, though it may well be thinner and have a bigger screen. The currently available iPhone is 0.37 inches thick and has a display measure of 3.5 inches at the diagonal.

A more powerful chip also expected.  Apple’s dual-core A5 processor to be exact as the new iPhone will feature voice recognition software, which needs a powerful processor in running it.