Apple Is Dominating Smartphone Industry Just With iPhone4

iPhone 4, a product from the house of Apple, has passed more than a year of its journey, that’s why in the technology field it has become one of the ancient technology in this world. But more surprising news is that with this new product this mobile phone giant Apple is still dominating the smartphone industry and there should not be any doubt about that.

In this matter a new Strategy Analytics is stating that for the second quarter part of 2011 this mobile phone giant has shipped more than 20.3 million smartphone units globally, which can also be described as 10 percent of its total market share. Eventually, if we do compare with the Apple’s global shipments grew of last year then we can find that it has grown 140 percent, which is one of the main reasons behind this fastest growing large smartphone market.

But, the few strategy analysis have figured out that the performance of Apple is too much strong in China and Asia. That’s why apple has broken all these accomplishments in the second part of year 2011, followed by a statement of IDC (International Data Corporation).

In the present time, several new technology are surviving in the present smartphone market and in this regard couple of brand like Microsoft, Rim, T-mobile as well as the manufactures of Android are also releasing their multiple products, but more shocking news is that with this old and gold technology Apple is still in the seat of the King.

With the sequence to the fact ChangeWave Research has stated that more than 70 percent of the Apple iOS customers are too much satisfied with their product, followed by 50 percent for Android, 26 percent for RIM and other 27 percent for Windows OS.

Moreover, Apple has also declared that they are now going to release their iPhone 5, the next generation smartphone, in this coming September, so it can be expected that this beautiful cell phone will come out in the market with tons of new and mind blowing features.