Apple Operating System Is More Secure Than Android in Some Respects

Symantec, the security firm has declared that the operating system of Apple is stronger in security concerns when compared to Android. Apple has beaten its main rival Android in terms of detecting and repairing malware and loss of data. Among every five kinds of threats, Apple operating system comes out as the more secure one in three. However, in threats containing social engineering attacks and other kinds of web-based attacks, it was found that both the top smart phone makers are equal. The mobile operating system that runs iphone, iPod Touch devices and Ipad have proved to have the upper hand in providing security against many threats. In certain other kinds of threats, Android proved better.

Symantec tests different security options of Android and Apple

For the test, the security firm considered different aspects like encryption, control of access and password proofs. In this regard, it was found that the Android system overtook Apple when it came to separating security problems from the system. According to Symantec, the problems in security for Androids arise due to their open approach towards many apps. In contrast, the Apple iOS is better at securing and analyzing the data contained in the app and blocking access if threats are found. Further, Android does not require app developers to check with them before launching the app, whereas Apple requires them to do so. In other words, Google does not take stringent precautions against app developers and hence, it is easy for malware developers to upload their products into Google stores.

Open policy of Android makes it vulnerable to malware

This open policy of Android has become a haven for hackers and virus developers. In the recent past, apps have been developed that mimic real apps and steal confidential data stored on the phone. Ever since 58 such malware apps were found, Android has made its security measures tougher. When compared to Apple iOS, Android still has better security features regarding other threats. Despite being open to app developers, Android has registered lesser security violations than apple.

Jailbroken phones not considered for test

Although Apple does provide enhanced safety against attackers, it is still vulnerable since there are several ways in which the operating system can be circumvented. Symantec, with regard to malware, said that Apple has proved efficient in blocking malware up to a large extent. This test was conducted on devices that ran on the locked phones. Apple gadgets that have been jailbroken do not occur in the test since their security has already been breached.