Apple Overtakes Samsung In World’s Thinnest Phone Race

As per latest release by Apple, the company has left Samsung behind in the race of the world’s thinnest phone. The ruling was made by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ruling stated that Samsung is thicker than the thickest point on iPhone 4, thus confirming the superiority of the phone in design. Apple’s war with Samsung, especially Samsung Galaxy S II, has reached fever pitch. This revelation by the advertising body is the latest attempt to prove superiority. Galaxy series have been banned in Germany and are facing a potential ban in Japan. The hearing is yet to come up. The thickness of Galaxy S II is, in fact, less than iPhone 4. It measures 8.71mm while iPhone measures 9.3mm. However, while Apple iPhone 4 has a design that is uniform in thickness all over the body, Samsung design is uneven and tends to swell at the ends, which gives an edge to iPhone. Owing to this discrepancy, The Guardian has declared iPhone 4 as the thinnest gadget of the world.

Despite reinstating the crown on iPhone, Advertising Standards Authority said that it will really not matter to the customers if the thinnest part of iPhone is better. What matters is the overall sleekness and Samsung definitely is a step ahead in this regard since it fits better in “purses and pockets”. Nevertheless, according to all those people who are practical, half a millimeter in thickness will not make a difference regarding storage. The focus is always more on what is contained inside the out shell of the device. Apple has always gone for flashy pieces that instantly attract customers. Samsung, on the other hand uses Android, which is focused on enhancing the power of the device, along with sleek appearance.

iOS used in iPhone 4 is efficient but has not seen the kind of patronage that android has garnered in the recent times. The war between Apple and Samsung has engulfed a lot of major countries in the world. There are eight countries where the two electronic giants are at war, which include countries such as Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and United States. The most recent blow to Samsung was being banned from IFA this year in Berlin. The ban included tablets belonging to the Galaxy series of both the latest versions. Both Apple and Samsung are in the top two positions in the smart phone market. It has to be seen whether the launch of iPhone 5 will make a dent in the soaring Galaxy sales.