Apple Security Updates Addressing DigiNotar Certificates

iPhone giant Apple is now once again in the enter lime light this time by taking issue of an update for 10.6 Snow Leopard systems and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion systems, which at this time is addressing the recent security branch related to the DigiNotar’s fake SSL certificates.

The above certificate patch has removed DigiNotar from the list of thousands root certificates, as a result this list of Extended Validation certificate automatically configures a default trust setting, which are not trusted by the other authorities.

In general DigiNoter can be described as a firm which is well known for issuing digital certificates that usually used for verifying the identity of a website. Though, before that on August 30 this Dutch company has announced that their server was compromised and due to that this fake certificates might leaked into the worldwide. The company has also told that this time the attackers had been issued more than 500 fake certificates including the certificates of Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. So they are now suggesting their users to be careful because with the help of it an attacker can easily get the access of user’s credentials as well as sensitive information.

More good news is that several web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera have already updated the following branch in order to revoke all the certificates which earlier have been issued by the DigiNotar. The company has also said that all the windows users shortly received an updates regarding this, but the matter of fact is they have not told anything about Apple and its OS.

Which, on the other hand is also indicating that neither Apple nor Google have yet planned to prepare any kind of patch for their mobile platforms, that can prevent them from any announcement.