Apple Sued Once Again


Phoenix Ariz. Based iCloud Communications, a pioneer in the telecommunications industry especially of voice- over- IP and other cloud computing products has sued Apple Inc. for using their brand name iCloud. ICloud registered the trademark “iCloud” in 2005 which Apple has infringed. ICloud provides VOIP hardware and software for transmitting email, text, audio, video, information, data, photos, video conferencing and other services and content via internet and other wireless networks. Apple intentionally used the name iCloud to give its services of storing photos, music, data, information and other contents in remote servers. Apple too acquired the domain name “” from Swedish company Xcerion, leaving iCloud Communications to get “”.Charges against Apple

The tech giant Apple is using the brand name iCloud in building its own industry in Cloud computing services which is rendering the business of iCloud Communications as they have spent thousands of dollars on promoting their logo “iCloud”. As Apple has always dominated the mind of customers and market today and media so it’s providing harm to iCloud Communication’s business.

Apple sued for how much?

Rumors and GigaOm’s report says that Apple bought the domain name “” for about $4.5 Million. Still the iCloud Communications have not come up with any money related issue over suing Apple. They have just been filed a case against Apple for infringing their Trademark.

Apple being sued-A number of Times

As Apple is famous for suing the various companies but if we look to the history Apple has been sued a number of times. Record label Apple Corp. sued Apple in 1970’s and in 1990’s as Apple copied its name.  McIntosh Labs and Management and Computer Services (MACS) have previously sued Apple for using their name for which Apple paid nearly $2 million to settle the suit. This time again Apple has been sued, Is Apple showing its supremacy in Tech. Market by repeating copyrights infringements.

ICloud Communications Petition

The petition which is filed by iCloud Communications will ask Apple Inc. to drop the “iCloud” name from its services and all other promotional materials of Apple’s iCloud Services and the financial damages occurred to iCloud Communications including forfeiture of profits obtained by Apple by using their brand name. This time Apple has got the taste of his own medicine as previously Apple filed many law suits against various companies for using their brand name “App Store”.