Apple Will Organize Their Media Event This Coming September

A rumor has been started to spread out due to Apple iPhone, which will launch at the Apple media event this coming September 7.

With the sequence to the fact a Japanese website Kodawarisan has claimed that Apple actually want to hold their traditional fall media even on that date, that’s why they have reserved that date for their iPods. Though, the other rumors are starting to say or have stated earlier that Apple may bring their next generation iPhone on that day.

In this fact Apple has already broken its tradition in June, while they have passed their annual conference without peeping anything about the next generation hardware. WWDC can be described as one of the launching pad of Apple’s last three iPhones by following June 9, 2008 iPhone 3G, June 8, 2009 next model iPhone 3GS and on June 7, 2010 iPhone 4.

So, various rumors have started to spread out in this matter by stating why Apple has not launched their any new generation model in over a year. Some rumors have also stated that the authority of Apple at present is too much busy due to overheating issues with the dual core A5 processor, which earlier they have declared as the source of power of iPhone 5.   Some other rumors have also stated that it may be a strategic move of Apple before the releasing of search giant Google’s next generation Ice Cream Sandwitch.

Though, till now the details of the next generation iPhone are still in dark, in spite of few rumors that have come out in the market regarding internal hardware, thinner chassis and edge to edge display. Still, many of the iPhone lovers are expecting that Apple’s next generation iPhone will come out in the market with a radical new design followed by a contured rear panel.