Apple’s New Card App – Going To Amaze Users

The surprise of new stunning features and apps has become very normal to the Apple Users. Apple continues to gift his users with one after one awesome device. So here is another good news for Apple lovers. They are going to have a bundle of new apps from Apple very soon. During the Gigantic Software roll out today Apple has launched its new Card app. The application will allow the users to send letter-press cards from their own mobile handsets or iPods Devices. They users will also be able to input their own texts and photos in those cards.

Now let us a closer look to the new Card app. The user can easily download it. Apple has incorporated 21 preloaded letterpress designs in to the app. These designs will be for birthday cards, thanks giving cards, congratulations card and anniversary cards. Users will be able to choose from these letter-press designs according to their test and the occasion. Apple has also allowed his users to put their personal messages and photos into these cards. Once the user completes these tasks he or she will leave with only one more step and that is he or she will have to select from their contact list to whom he/she wants to send the card.

After these the user is done and Apple starts its work. Apple has already made a collaboration for this service with the United States Postal Service and the Intelligent Mail Barcode. Apple has assured that user’s cards will be perfectly printed wrapped and be sent to the recipient right on time. Apple will take care of that. The users in US will be also informed after the card reach to its destination.

The costing charge of sending these cards will be $ 2.99 each in US and $ 4.99 each to send out side US.