Apple’s share in UK market may fall

According to new research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech currently, there is an estimate of 3.62 million people posses tablet computers in the UK, with Apple owning a 73% market share.

People assumed that that number is going to grow rapidly over the coming days, although Apple’s share may be eroded, since only half of potential tablet owners stating they will buy an iPad next year.  Kantar got its data from a panel of through consumer interviews in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, US and Australia.

In the survey, it is clear that the next most-popular tablet brand with owners is the Samsung Galaxy. Among would-be buyers, 6% prepare to buy one. However, following that the brand split is “a long tail” with some products having only one or two percentage point shares.

It is not clear yet on what product got the topmost position.  As of now, anyone could till lead the market, with 28% of those who intend to buy a tablet on the next year still not sure which brand they are going to buy.

The fast growth in tablet use since Apple introduced the iPad in April 2010 indicates it has already crossed over from the initial adopters. With a UK population of about 60 million, and adult populace of around 48 million, there may be still chances for some companies to grab the most successful brands.

Among those who own a tablet, most of the time, owners used their tablet to read eBooks as well as online newspapers, apps, and  play games. Not all the tablets have 3G connectivity, but 43% of owners use them as they commute, and 36% while outdoors.

Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director for Kantar, say Apple’s achievements in this market  clearly associated to its triumph in the smartphone market: 80% of those who owns iPhone and has plans on purchasing a tablet aim to buy an iPad.

Marketing drives by a number of companies – that include companies such as including Apple, Samsung and Sony, as well as by retailers and phone networks – have pushed exceedingly high awareness of tablets, so that only 3% of those who got asked said that they do not know anything about tablets.

By contrast among non-owners, 16% claims, they are knowledgeable about tablets, and in excess of a quarter of people planning to buy one in the next year. If this would be calculated in the adult population that has over 48 million, which would mean almost 2m further sales.