AptiQuant’s Report: Dumb People Always Prefer To Choose Internet Explorer

A new type of research has published on the last week which has stated that in general dumb people always more likely prefer to choose Internet Explorer than smart people. No doubt with that because it’s a new kind of finding.

To justify the entire purpose of this study the researchers from the online psychometric testing company AptiQuant have involved more than a lacks of people and have determined the IQ scores, which are associating with the various Web Browser users. Within that research the researchers have provided a WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) to its users in order to look for free online IQ assessment tests and have recorded the data of using browser of all participants of above 16 years old.

The entire results that have come out throughout this entire research have stated that IQ scores of the Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Camino and Opera are much more higher than the Internet Explorer Version 6 to 9 users.  Which is not enough, also those who are using IE with Chrome Browser have ranked third in IQ scores among the entire browser lists. But aside from that Opera Browser has occupied the first place in this browser list by doing the IQ score of 120.

AptiQuant’s report also described that this difference between the Internet Explorer Users and their counterparts happen due to the significant difference in IQ scores.

But aside from that this reports also indicates that there have not any significant difference between the other windows browsers in respect with IQ scores, though all of that have scored higher than Internet Explorer.

Last but not in the list this report have also stated “The same research has published earlier in the year of 2006, but within the time period of 5 years from that means in the year 2011, many users have moved them away from using any Internet Explorer versions.”