Asus Looks Perfect On U36SD-A1 Model

Asus is gearing up with their latest products in the laptops market and are finding a great response to their endeavor. The new Asus U36SD-A1 is a great laptop with all its great specifications and glamorous looks and is available at an affordable price as well. It will provide great competition to the other companies thanks to these types of laptops. The Asus U36SD-A1 is slick in design and built with simplicity. The black metal finish is smooth and looks great from exterior. The elegant designing gives a real charm about the laptop. In the top left corner there is an Asus Power 4 Gear key which helps the users in choosing the power settings easily. It is really slim and lightweight. It weighs only 3.6 pounds at most and therefore is easy to transport from one end to another. The 13.3 inch 1336 x 768 LED display has good brightness and contrast and the aspect ratio is also perfect.

The 3 MP webcam is also very useful and the 3.0 USB ports are also important features of the laptop. The Asus U36Sd-A1 has great keyboard and touchpad are great features which are comfortable to use and thus helps in preserving the users’ energy while typing. However for the touchpad the multi tap inputs is not really that much responsive. Coming to the processor, the Intel core i5 processor of 1.7 GHz with 4 GB DDR3 RAM is useful to much extent but in comparison to other similar laptops it is a bit slow in performance. The 640 GB hard disk drive is very useful but it takes a long boot time, about 1 minute and 30 seconds which is a comparatively long time according to the average 58 seconds for normal laptops.

The NVidia GeForce GT520M graphic card with 1 GB RAM is however a good inclusion and provides much solution to graphic problems of different games. Still it needs a bit of improvement. The battery life is very supportive though, and even with long use of GPU it can last for a long period of time thus providing the users with much help when required to work for a long period of time. The Windows 7 OS with professional 32 is good one and works well with the processors and hard disk and thus provides user friendly interface. In conclusion the Asus U36SD-A1 with all its great features is a perfect deal for all the laptop searching customers.