Asus to Launch the Eee PC Netbook

An Asus official Facebook fan page teaser stated that they will be launching the Eee PC netbook soon. Many have started to anticipate its coming because it was a no ordinary device. Aside from the fact that it’s very thin, it has a twist that internet surfers would definitely adore. It might run on Linux instead of Windows.

When Asus released the Eee PC 701 way back 2007, they’ve invested on the Linuz OS, which became accepted by users around the globe. However, they started collaborating with Windows not so long ago to embark on a joint promotion — endorsing Windows as the best OS for netbooks.

Eversince this collaboration took place; a lot of netbooks were sold with pre-installed Windows. Recently, it was announced that netbooks won’t need the Windows XP OS anymore because they will be running on Windows 7. Those that run on Linux have also changed to Windows 7 because it’s easier to use and it offers more features. It can process almost every people’s stuff.

In fact, majority of netbook manufacturers said that starting June this year, they won’t be using XP anymore. This is also because most users prefer Windows 7 over XP and Linux. Since it ran on netbooks, almost no one would like to use the traditional OS anymore.

Windows 7 is compatible with a huge number of printer brands, digital cameras, video cameras and webcams. It also supports a plethora of games and applications. There is also a wizard that can easily help users with almost anything. Because it’s also a product of Windows, it will be easy to get help online. Tech support is also available through phone or in person. You can stay updated on everything about Windows because the company regularly releases patches, updates and scheduled fixes that can be automatically downloaded and installed.

The Eee PC netbook has a compact design and it weights very light. Just like its predecessors, it is durable and designed with a shock-proof solid state. Users won’t be disappointed with its network because it is rich in wireless connectivity. Truly user-friendly, you will find it simple and easy to operate. There are over 40 built-in applications in the Eee PC netbook that you will learn how to maneuver in time.

This latest device from Asus is just among the series of 4 that the tech giant will be releasing soon. Hints were given that the models will be a cross between a tablet PC and a phone; something that users would definitely like in a gadget. These 4 devices will be officially launched at Computex in Taipei come May or June.