Backtracking Of LinkedIn On Social Add

The networking website LinkedIn is once again in the pressure, but this time regarding their user from stopping their photos in third party advertising. With the sequence to the fact his social networking website has already sent its users a mail for pulling in their photos and names, because the users of its followed companies have put their names and photos inside their ads, in spite of running them alongside.

The company declared that this was flipped automatically by default, though in this matter LinkedIn had already warned their users about a month ago of making this change.

The authority of LinkedIn said “Though it is hard to send feedback to all the people one by one, but it is true that from now the user can not use their names and photos directly on the ad, though from now they get the benefit of adding link alert in order to attract more people to follow this company.”

In this matter Ryan Roslansky, director of product management of LinkedIn, said in the LinkedIn official blog “The company is now listening to its members, but we have to stop this from our ads in order to provide more value and relevancy to our members for getting more clear concept about that.”

He added “We never want to share our personal information with any other third party advertisements and from the beginning of our ad campaign we always try to maintain this in our ad.”

Later he added “While we publish any information then it is available publically and can be viewed any of the members of our network.”

But in any case if any user does not want to view this add then first he should go to his accounts, settings and Manage Social Advertising. Where, he can get the option of stopping this product.