Bart Website got Hacked by Anonymous

The website of BART website got hacked by the notorious group of hackers, Anonymous.  The group apparently leaked the stolen data to the public.

The information of more than 2000 users printed on a website.  It includes names, address, phone numbers and password.  BART uses such information to inform their clients for contest, discount and events.

BART claimed that the act would directly affect their clients who defend on their site.  Also, the developers, who develops programs by using the data provided by BART.

The attack takes place following the event that leads to a shutdown of the service of BART for their cellphone service.  Anonymous vowed  they are going to take revenge upon BART for locked cellphone service.

Anonymous wrote online  they are the citizen.  They are not going to tolerate such oppression form the government.  BARTR has proven many times before that they are capable of exploiting and abusing people.

Following the attack, the hackers did not forget to humiliate BART about eh said attack.

The hackers wrote that BART has stored the data without putting any security on it.  Any eight year old child could have done what they have done.  All the information that they have stolen are not even encrypted.

BART confessed that the site been breached before.  They defend on the service of an outside vendor.

Agency spokesman, Jim Allison says that they have regret and stress the action has caused their customers.  They got disappointed that they have resorted to that action.  meant to gave service to the customers of  used by about 2 million people as a tool every month.

BART had shut down cell phone service between 4 and 7 p.m. last Thursday so that they could avoid a demonstration, but it stirred a lot of disapproval by civil libertarians. BART had released a statement on Friday, explaining the cell phone disruption, saying that it is “one of many tactics to ensure the safety of everyone on the platform.

The rally was for the death Charles Blair Hill, a homeless,  shot to death on July 3 on the Civic Center station platform, following the incident wherein her he threw a bottle at police and then moved forward to a BART officer and displayed a weapon.

However, Anonymous has requested for a 5 p.m. protest of BART at Civic Center Station. BART also publicized on its site to ensure the riders know their other transportation plans in advance. If there’s demonstration, BART is going to close a few stations temporarily.