Bionic glasses helps blind to see

For years, glasses are responsible for correcting the visual impairment that a person has. However, glasses limited to adjusting the view of a person and would be no use for the blind, who have worked before without the use of light or that a person losing their sight because of age-related problems.  Oxford University researchers took the initiative to help these individuals.  The researchers come up with a glass that could give light to the eyes of the blind – the technology comes from gaming consoles and smartphones.

Both smartphone and gaming console are using technology to enhance the user experience of their users. All the technology that incorporated on both devices has powerful sensor.

By implementing the use of tiny cameras, position detectors, depth sensors, and facial recognition and tracking software by packing it into a pair of specs; the researchers have done what most believe is impossible.   People, who lose their sight, are able to use their eyes once more.

Most of the problems occur because of age.  As the person ages, the optical tissues also degrades causing the light to vanish at a time.  People undergoes such can see objects but could not determine what it is.

The bionic glasses have video cameras mounted on all sides and are extremely small LED arrays embedded in the lenses.  The LED’s then send the data to the brain that it gets from the mounted camera throughout numerous visual cues, which is passes on by light and color.  Using software operating the smartphone-like computer, positioned on a person’s pocket. The advanced software has the capability of identifying a person walking in the room also light that person gives out. The glasses unveil the person’s identity to the wearer.

Objects like TV remote, a coffee mug, a newspaper–could be identified with certain colors in the LED display.  It turns the blurred vision into an identifiable object.  Researchers also hope that the glasses to be use for reading.

The creators of the bionic glasses believe that there are lots of leaning that must be done.  Blind people would be dependent upon the information that is coming through their glasses and forcefully feed to them.  Above all, the glass may not work if the glasses are not created for one.  However, the researchers still believe that they could make bionic glasses, which would rival a helper dog in making sure that their bosses are safe.