BIS 4.1 By Research In Motion Is Now Official – To Be Released On 11 October In North America

The internet service to be provided by BlackBerry manufacturer, Research in Motion, has been officially declared. The facility has been known for some time now since the news has been unofficially making rounds since the beginning of 2011. The latest news comes as an official confirmation from the company. However, the BIS 4.1 will first be released in the Asia Pacific region, then in Europe and finally in North America.BlackBerry is also coming out with its messaging service which is in line for launch shortly. For BIS 4.1, certain changes will be necessary in the set up while using BlackBerry OS 7 when the phone is sold or used by another person. This new internet service will have a number of added features that will increase functionality and usability factor of the service and make it multifunctional. Some of the services that it is expected to have are account management updates, inbox priming and compatibility to multiple languages.

The new internet service will help garner customers for the company. In the recent past, the company has seen a massive decline in the sale of devices. Experts opine that the reason for the downfall of one of the oldest smart phone manufacturer’s in the United States is the lack of frequent releases and a reduction in research and development regarding devices. The sales of the company suffered with the introduction of Apple and Android gadgets. The introduction of low cost phones in the market dealt a further blow on the BlackBerry market.

As of late, survey has confirmed that in the past three years, the share value of BlackBerry has fallen by 80%. The shareholders of the company are agitated and requesting the company to adopt strategies that will increase the share view. Some of the suggested ideas include a sell-off. However, the executives of BlackBerry are sure that the company will revive, mainly due to the new Operating system, OS 7, which is equipped with some very good features. The recently launched gadgets by the company have seen a small upsurge but not significant enough to propel the share value to previous highs.

The introduction of the internet service is expected to breathe life into some of the Blackberry’s attempts to raise the functionality of devices and subsequently, a rise in sale figures. The company is in need of a strong feature that can save the company from massive loss of customer base.