Blackberry Internet Services Went Down

It’s been a very bad time for the Canadian mobile manufacturing company Research In Motion. It is for the second time in 24 hours that RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Services failed. The BlackBerry Internet Services include Blackberry Messenger, shortly called BBM. RIM is going to face pretty strong waves of criticism for the inconveniences that the users of the BlackBerry Internet Services had to face.

RIM have not yet commented on the topic or gave any excuse for the went down, which started at around 1300 UK time and continued for a whole day. After the failure RIM wrote in their Twitter profile that they were very sorry for the inconveniences and they apologize to all of their customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. They promised to the users, who were still having the problem that they would upgrade the BlackBerry Internet Services very soon.

The problem arose again and again to all the customers in all over the EMEA. That meant that the solution that RIM delivered at an initial stage was not enough or was inappropriate and that was why the solution did not pave its way to solve the problem. In that problematic situation a news of relief for BlackBerry was that BlackBerry France reported on Twitter that the BlackBerry Internet Services were working.

The mobile service providers that were suffering from the outage repeatedly faced a necessity to put their statements on Twitter or in another place to console their customers and inform them that they were trying to solve the problem and trying to make sure that the problem would not arise again by working with BlackBerry.

It is time for RIM to solve these problems as soon as possible. Otherwise will have to sacrifice many of its customers and it is pretty clear.