BlackBerry Losing Trust among Software Development Partners

Apple and Google are proving tough competitors to Research In Motion Ltd. The company seems to be struggling to maintain its support with some of the software development companies that have been lending support for BlackBerry. Some of the most prominent companies that have stopped supplying products for RIM are Mobile Roadie LLC and Seesmic Inc. another company that is in dual minds about continuing work with BlackBerry is Purple Forge Corp. Company sources said it would continue developing apps for Blackberry only on customer demand.

RIM in trouble as software partners withdraw support
The companies that are withdrawing support stated the falling popularity of the gadget in the market. The CEO of Seemic, Loic Le Meur said that the company would not like to be associated with gadgets that are going down in the competition. IPhone and Android systems are apparently considered the reason for this downfall. RIM, on the other hand, is lobbying hard to get further support. RIM also said that the profits are likely to experience a downward trend for the first time since the company launched the phone nine years back. The company further suggested that it might have to cut costs by shedding employee numbers.

Developing apps for BlackBerry is no longer feasible
The companies that have been supporting the company have said that the feasibility factor of developing apps for BlackBerry has declined drastically. Companies have said that since BlackBerry devices are different in size and operating system, the process of developing new apps is proving expensive. However, RIM has said that they are focused on bringing more apps for the benefit of their customers. Another problem with RIM devices is that its touch screen model is different and creating apps is not turning out to be feasible.

Software partners fear tarnished reputations if they continue supporting RIM
As of now, RIM presents 35,000 apps for its customers. This is a hike from the previous 25,000 apps. However, in comparison with Apple Stores that have over 425,000 apps and Android that is providing over 200,000 apps, RIM’s apps seem small. Owing to all these developments in the market, combines with the growing mistrust among developing partners, the future of RIM’s BlackBerry does seem to be in jeopardy. CEOs of software companies are apprehensive about associating their products with RIM products because they feel that their reputations face the imminent risk of being tarnished. The rush is on to develop products for Apple and Android devices