Blackberry Messenger Gets a New Rival in the Form of Samsung Mobile Messenger

BlackBerry messenger is one of the most widely used apps in all mobiles ranging from Android to Apple. The messenger app of BlackBerry has had a near monopoly in the niche market. However, it is now face a tough competition in the form of Samsung as the company is set to launch an instant messaging service. The tool is expected to make Samsung mobile more attractive from customers’ point of view. The other challenge that BlackBerry messenger is expected to have is the impending release of Apple messenger called iMessage. Research in Motion, which has tasted a moderate amount of success with the latest releases, will have to come up with a higher version of its messenger service in order to keep its market in grips.

The new service that is being offered by Samsung will be called ChatON. It is supposed to be launched in October. The company also plans to preinstall ChatON in all the Samsung phones. The chat will also be installed in all the Samsung phones that run on Android technology.

There are already a number of options in the messaging services. The other important messenger that is expected to come is the Apple messenger. With the kind of market that Apple enjoys right now, it is only natural for the company to have its own messaging service that will allow Apple users to message each over through their smart phones and tablets without having to spend any money. While mobile messaging is charged, internet messenger service will be inclusive in the internet data plan.

BlackBerry is looking at new options to complement its available services. The latest venture of the company is the new music service that will allow all BlackBerry users to avail unlimited music. This service is expected to add to the value of the existing BlackBerry Messenger service. The company is also expected to make more launches in the market, following the sudden hike in popularity owing to its new phones that work on its latest operating system, OS 7.

The new messenger service of Samsung is being created so as to make it compatible with all leading mobile platforms. IPhone users will also be able to use ChatON on their smart devices. The messenger service will also be available for BlackBerry users. Some of the features of the messenger will be sharing hand written notes, text messages and images. Users will also be able to video chat and share clips.