Blackberry Might Release New Smart Phones Tonight

According to reports, BlackBerry is all set to launch its latest phone today night. The smart phone, designed and manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM), is to be known as BlackBerry 7. The outlet that spotted the tweet and spread the news is Venture Beat. The company caught the BlackBerry tweet announcing the release of the latest BlackBerry phone.

The smart phone market, as of now, is a major domain of Apple and Google Android. RIM, with its BlackBerry has been seen losing hold in the smart phone market for quite some time now. While the superior features of Apple and Android are the major factors, experts also suggest that BlackBerry lost a substantial market because of lack of development of the device. With the release of the BlackBerry 7, RIM will want to get back in motion.

According to surveys, Apple registered a sale of 20.3 million iPhone during the second quarter of this year in the United States. In comparison, BlackBerry could only sell 13.2 million pieces during the period between March and May. With the impending plans of Microsoft to come out with its Windows Phone, BlackBerry needs to create a strong niche if it has to survive in the highly competitive market.

Followers of BlackBerry in particular and the gadget world in general are interested in getting to know the kind of features that the new phone will contain. The announcement is eagerly being awaited. According to followers, RIM requires a “game-changer”, if it hopes to survive in the market. This opinion has also been correlated by experts.

RIM is clearly facing a tough time. With the announcement of its Cost Optimization Program, declaring a cut of 2000 jobs and shuffling of top executives, the company is sailing in a rough tide and desperately requires a successful gadget to keep it from sinking.

Despite the downward trend, its set of patrons is all in support for the company. Users of BlackBerry have been posting tweets showing eagerness for the new phone. They “cannot wait” for the treasure trove of BlackBerry to open. The wait has been long and the signs of excitement are evident.

Expectations are high for a BlackBerry phone that has zooming and swiping options on its touch screen. People are also expecting the phone to come equipped with an enhanced browser. The new phone is being thought of as an update of BlackBerry Bold Touch (9900/9930) and BlackBerry Torch.