BlackBerry Playbook Gets Some High Quality Sci-Fi Apps

This comes as a heartening news for users of BlackBerry playbook who have wanted a high quality gaming app on their devices. The new app that is to make an entry into BlackBerry playbook is Dead Space. This is a well established and very popular app that is a shooting game. It comes under the sci-fi and horror genre. Initially, the app was available on iOS. However, the app is soon to be compatible with Android as well. As for BlackBerry, the app is a very welcome accessory. Dead Space is also to be a part of the immensely popular, the most widely sold gaming device and better known as Sony Playstation, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Some of the other games that are to be included along with this game are Need for Speed and FIFA.

The gaming industry has gone through one of the best phases of growth during the past few years. With the launch of Play Station, which left everything behind in sales figures, gaming was elevated to another plane. The inclusion of Dead Space is the newest inclusion in the handheld gaming console. Dead Space has been launched by EA. The inclusion of Dead Space in BlackBerry is a proof of the power of the gadget. Although the gadget is one of the most powerful in the market, it has been sidelined due to the invasion of other brands such as Apple and Android into the market. Newer versions of Play Stations have been launched at regular intervals and the latest one is in the designing stage. Further, BlackBerry has been having a lean phase for the past some time since the phones have failed to create mass interest in the public.

The latest BlackBerry phone to be released in the market, BlackBerry Bold 9000, has been impressive but nothing out of the ordinary. All these developments have forced BlackBerry to come out with something that can get interest back on the phones and increase their brand value. The company, Research in Motion, has scheduled the launch of multiple smart phones within a very short period. The company has also declared plans about the launch of a Super phone which will be technologically much more advance than the present smart phones. Experts opine that inclusion of the game, Dead Space, which proves the power of the device, can also be helpful in projecting the power of the company’s smart phones that run on the same operating system. The new hi-fi app will also generate interest among BlackBerry enthusiasts.