BlackBerry Playbook Tablet OS v1.0.5 Updated – Video Transmission and More Languange Support

BlackBerry software notebook playback has been updated to include video transmission, removing messages, Facebook, improvements in research and much more! As always before, the technocrats of Research in Motion have done some fantastic work to make the planet’s most loved multimedia phone, even more functional. Some really fantastic features have been added, which has made the tablet worth of dying for.

What are new?
The BlackBerry App Store now allows BlackBerry World playbook with the support pay-app. Whether purchasing a new level into a game, otherwise a recent edition of the magazine software support payment of the way of dynamic possibilities for BlackBerry playbook and better applications for users. Developers should read this important position, the display device of settlement services and payment of the BlackBerry SDK for more information about the update and present their applications to include support pay-app.

Additional Blackberry Tablet OS Upgrades Playbook Battery Push and Pop
• BlackBerry playbook tablet can be downloaded, even if it is completely off.

• Tablet BlackBerry OS v1.0.5 alerts you now if you are using the wrong charger with the tablet BlackBerry playbook. For example, if you accidentally enter a different charger other than the BlackBerry Smartphone charger to the BlackBerry playbook tablet then you will be get alerted by this new feature, a alarm will make you sure that you are entering the wrong charger.

Additional Languages
BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5 has added support for following languages: Dutch, French, Spanish Italian, German, and British English.

Video Chat Connectivity
The brand new Blackberry have the support for TURN (Traversal using Relay NAT) protocol, which improves the connections between the video chat users when their request is cross between a local network and a corporate system at the back a firewall.

Boost Headphones
These new options also allow you for making an extra level of capacity to help maintain a pleasant experience with the headset in noisy areas, such as aircraft.

How to Upgrade To Blackberry Tablet OS V1.0.5
Users who buy and operate a tablet Playbook from Tuesday, June 7, 2011 will be automatically updated as part of the playbook v1.0.5 BlackBerry settings. Current users of BlackBerry playbook will be stay with the software-updated notification in the status of the tape Playbook, or check to see the software upgrade at any time in the Settings menu of the software updates.