BlackBerry’s Tag – The NFC Based App

Another good news for BlackBerry users – another new presentation from BlackBerry. At the GITEX Conference today in Dubai BlackBerry has announced its new application. The application is called the BlackBerry Tag. Jim Balsillie, who is the co CEO of RIM has made the announcement. The new application, which is NFC based will let the BlackBerry Customers to share information in a very easy way by just tapping their BlackBerry mobile handsets together. It has been declared at the company’s side, that with this app the customers will be able to invite and add their friends to the BBM list.

However BlackBerry is not the first mobile manufacturing company to introduce this kind of an application. Before BlackBerry, Apple and Android has introduced such apps – Bump, which is an iOS application and is quiet being able to transfer data in almost a similar way.

But the Bump or the Android App should not be confused with the new BlackBerry Tag. They may have similar functions, but their way of functioning is different. Bump works in such a way in which it has to use the sensor of user’s mobile handset. The Bump depends on a Cloud Based Algorithm to function and set of connection between two handsets. On the other hand BlackBerry Tag does not depend on the cloud based algorithm. It is designed to work with a Proximity Based Technology named NFC. This technology is created by BlackBerry Operating System 7 to serve this kind of purposes.

But there is also a bad news for the BlackBerry users. There are only a few BlackBerry mobile handsets that are able to support the NFC Technology and thus the BlackBerry Tag. The handsets that are able to support NFC are BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930handsets and the BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370 handsets.

BlackBerry Tag is expected to be incorporated in the coming OS 7 up gradation.